Why Cartonboard?

Today, there is a huge range of packaging material for you to choose what best represents your brand and identity. Cartonboard (aka paperboard) is an incredible material that is used in a wide variety of applications as well as being cost competitive.

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Key Advantages Of Cartonboard

Cartonboard is primarily made from wood pulp fibres from which the vast majority comes from sustainably managed forests in Europe. In fact, the planting of new trees far outstrips the wood harvested each year. This means that European forest coverage is now 30% larger than in the 1950’s. 

Cartonboard has a low carbon footprint compared to other packaging materials and both virgin fibre and recycled fibre options are available 

Cartonboard production uses highly carbon efficient energy methods especially through wood based biomass conversion – around 50% of the energy used at board mills comes from wood by-products. 

Cartonboard is the packaging material that has the lowest impact on the environment and climate change. Carbon is absorbed by the trees, stored in the ground and is kept locked in the fibres when it is recycled.

Cartonboard is a feedstock for the production of recycled cartonboard or other paper based products. Paper and board is the most recycled material in the EU – it has a 81% recycling rate

Cartonboard fibres can be reused many times over their life if properly recycled. Recycled cartonboard is also compostable or can finally be used as an energy source in an incinerator

Cartonboard offers endless opportunities for innovative and creative packaging designs and uses. It is a key material growing in importance as the world wakes up to the devastating impact of post consumer plastic waste on our environment and ecosystems.

A wide choice of coatings and finishes available to give your product the protection, aesthetics and tactile finish you need.