Machinery Partnership

Affinity Packaging is the host of Jacob White’s new showroom at its Leyland location. This collaborative venture introduces the remarkable NS-X3.1 Semi-Automatic cartoner, a product of Jacob White’s engineering excellence.

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British Craftsmanship

The Jacob White equipment showcases British craftsmanship with its Stainless Steel body, compact design, and ability to produce up to 100 cartons per minute. Affinity’s facility offers an exclusive space to witness this machine’s adaptability, simplicity in changing carton sizes, and mobility across factory floors.

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In-House Expertise

Within our Leyland site we have the capability to design, create and make sample cartons and small production batches in house – so the full cycle from design concept through to automated carton filling can be seen within Affinity’s facilities. The whole process of design to validation can be done in-house.

Affinity Packaging and Jacob White proudly align on a commitment to excellence and invite you to experience this synergy at the new Leyland showroom.

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