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Cartonboard – The Facts

  1. Cartonboard is primarily made from the virgin fibres of wood pulp from sustainably managed forests that are fully accredited (FSC® & PEFC™)
  2. For every tree that is harvested for wood pulp two trees are planted
  3. Cartonboard is:
    1. organic
    2. renewable
    3. recyclable
    4. sustainable
  4. Cartonboard has the lowest carbon footprint of any packaging material
  5. Cartonboard production uses highly carbon efficient energy methods especially through wood based biomass conversion. This avoids the need for non-renewable energy sources such as fossil based coal or gas
  6. Cartonboard is the packaging material that has the lowest impact on the environment and climate change. Carbon is absorbed by the trees, stored in the wood fibres in the carton and is kept locked up in the fibres when it is recycled.
  7. Cartonboard is a feedstock for the production of recycled cartonboard or other paper based products. Paper and board is the most recycled material in the EU – it has a 81% recycling rate
  8. Recycled cartonboard fibres can be reused seven times over their life
  9. Recycled cartonboard is also compostable or can finally be used as an energy source in an incinerator
  10. Cartonboard offers endless opportunities for innovative and creative packaging designs and uses. It is a key material growing in importance as the world wakes up to the devastating impact of post consumer plastic waste on our environment and ecosystems.

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