Following on from our last post about the advantages of cardboard packaging over plastic packaging, we sat down with some of the team to talk through changes they have made in their daily lives to reduce plastic packaging which can be summarised into 5 points.

 Quick tips to cut down your plastic consumption
1. Refuse

Say NO to unnecessary plastic! So many bars and restaurants automatically give out straws to customers, whether they have asked for them or not. Why?! Did you know that you can buy stainless steel straws which are reusable or bamboo straws that are sustainable? Experts suggests that plastic can take anywhere between 450-1000 years to degrade compared to biodegradable paper options which takes a couple of weeks.

2. Reduce

Reduce the amount of necessary plastic that you use. Sometimes it is hard to avoid plastic, but making some substitutions in your life means that you can reduce everyday plastic in your life. Easy wins are things like swapping your plastic sandwich bag for a lunch box or paper bag, or by choosing to use a thermos instead of buying coffee in a cup. Many well known coffee shops are now offering an incentive to bring in your own container to be filled – a bonus for being friendly to the environment.

3. Reuse

Make sure whatever plastic you are using on a daily basis you reuse again and again. Things like water bottles and lunchboxes should be used in favour of disposables wherever possible as well as canvas shopping bags in your car each time you go shopping to reduce on the 5p bags we inevitably have to buy.

4. Choose

Begin to make choices in your life that will automatically reduce your plastic consumption. Buy cotton buds that have paper stalks, wooden toothbrushes, cosmetics with incentives to reuse and refill the pot that you have bought it in. Buy a bar of soap in paper rather than a bottle of hand wash, beeswax paper to wrap food in instead of clingfilm. Buy products that are sold in cardboard packaging to reduce plastic packaging in general. If everyone makes small changes, the overall benefit will be clear to see and the impact will be huge.

5. Enthuse!

As you make these changes, tell your friends and family about the difference the reduction in plastic has made in your life. Encourage them to also make changes to help save our planet.

What can your company do?

As reported earlier in the year, supermarket giant Iceland have made the decision to be plastic free by 2023. We have seen a surge in companies wanting to follow their lead and contact us to see how we can help them to become plastic free.

Here at Affinity Packaging we are all for the ban on all avoidable plastics and are urging customers to re think their packaging needs.  We can help with the change from plastic to solid board cartons. We have a great team behind us who will go above and beyond to make sure the customer achieves their goals of the perfect packaging, whilst avoiding polluting our Oceans with Plastic.  All our board is recyclable, we are BRC certified and FSC approved.

Together we can change the way we package our goods and save the planet.